MARRY AGE(marriage)

The issue of the right age for a man to get married is often being discussed,and rarely do you hear the same question being asked about women. It is dismissed with such levity that makes me believe that the society thinks a woman cannot be too young for marriage but can pass the right time for marriage. My question now is this, can a woman or young lady be too young for marriage?
In our current society,we find young girls of age range 18 to 22 getting married, and one cannot help but wonder why,the reason as claimed seems to be love. But can the emotion of an 18yr old girl be trusted,isn’t this age a period of mistakes,several trials and errors in a bid to find your true personality. It therefore wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is another reason for the increase in divorce in our time.
I’m just saying marriage should be as proposed by our holy books between a man and a woman and not between a man and a girl or a boy and a girl. As the home is the foundation of a society,to have a better society we need better homes and to have better homes we need better parents.